The Bosch GLL3-80 laser leveler offers a lot of functionality and ease of use. Read our Bosch gll3-80 review to learn more about this popular product. It is suitable for many different measuring jobs that require fast and accurate leveling lines to Bosch GLL3-80 work too. It also has the capability to produce three 360 degree beams, two vertical and one horizontal, so you can get the best coverage all at the same time.

Designed for craftsmen that work out on site, the Bosch GLL3-80 is very easy to set up. It will only take you a few seconds before you can start the lasers off and get your required leveling lines in. You can opt to have all three beams showing at once, or use them individually as per your needs.

Overview of the GLL3-80

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A closer look at the Bosch GLL3-80

Ease of set up and use

Bosch GLL3-80 3 Plane Leveling-Alignment Laser ReviewConsidering what the Bosch GLL3-80 can do, it is remarkably easy to set up and use. There is a top sided turret that provides the horizontal laser, then you have another turret at the front and another at the side the produce the two vertical beams. To activate these beams you can choose the appropriate mode that you want to shoot in, which will determine how many lasers you use at once.

If you need to set the Bosch GLL3-80 off the floor to get your leveling lines, then it comes with a wall bracket that is easy to use and will allow you to quickly connect the unit to a column or post. The bracket has powerful magnets on the bottom so that it can easily be attached to any track on the wall or ceiling.

The keypad on the Bosch GLL3-80 is straight forward and pretty much self explanatory. From here you can select whether you want to use the manual mode indicator, or the pulse mode indicator. You can also select the planes you would like to use, there are four different planes available. There is also a low battery indicator here too, and will give you a 5 second audio signal when the batteries will stop running the unit.

Product dimensions

The Bosch GLL3-80 is actually quite a bit smaller than a lot of the laser levelers you find available today. This makes for easier carrying from one place to the next, and it also means that you can fit it into a lot tighter gaps when required too. The actual dimensions of the unit are as follows:

  • Length = 6.2 inches
  • Height = 5.5 inches
  • Width = 3 inches
  • Weight = 1.7 pounds

Various uses for the Bosch GLL3-80

There are many different ways and applications that you can use the Bosch GLL3-80 laser leveler for. If you need to put in some suspended ceilings, this is the ideal tool for setting the level around the height you want to ceiling tiles to come down to. Also when laying pipes and conduit you will also need perfect line levels to work too. Installing windows, cabinets and shelving, finish carpentry and interior decorating are all applications that the GLL3-80 can be used on.

Bosch-GLL3-80-3a Bosch GLL3-80 laser leveler Bosch-GLL3-80-6a

Final thoughts on the Bosch GLL3-80

The GLL3-80 is a very versatile tool and will help you to get your line levels very quickly on many different applications. It is easy to use, and also fairly small and light for such a powerful laser. The ability to be able to use the 90 degree cross points is extremely beneficial for many. The Bosch GLL3-80 is a very good quality laser leveler and provides good value for money too. If you’re looking for an affordable product that some says is the Bosch best self leveling laser you may have found it here. It’s Smart pendulum levelling system self-level ability puts it into the running.

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