The Bosch GPL5 laser is a powerful tool that comes with the benefits of enjoying integrated reference lines. It also provides an easy field recalibration, and its small size
makes it easy to carry around with you, which is an essential feature for some people that Bosch GPL5 5 Point Alignment Laser Reviewneed one of these tools.

It contains several attachments that enhance its functionality, and these include: view enhancing glasses, enhancing target plate, telescoping pole system, and positioning device that is vital for point and line lasers. Given that these components are of extremely high quality, it makes the Bosch GPL5 user friendly. You do not need to strain to get work done.

Video overview of the GPL5

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Bosch GPL5 reviewAccuracy and range

The accuracy of the Bosch GPL5 is exceptionally good and stands at ¼ inch variance at 100 feet. This range is what enables it to provide a better self leveling up to 5 degrees. The laser class-2 is known to give an accuracy that averages 0.33mm/m and this is exactly what the GPL5 attains.

As it is a self-leveling model, it easily attains an average of 5 inches forward to backward and a side to side of 3 inches within a record time of less than 4 seconds. It is important to note that it also contains a laser diode class II 635nm. This is just one element that helps the Bosch GPL5 perform to such a high level.

Ease of use

The features that Bosch GPL5 contains make it easy to use. It has level point projections that allow it to accurately transfer as well as align levels, grade points, and 90 degrees. The patented diamond enables it to perform to high accuracy levels, while the pendulum leveling system is what helps you to know if there are any unleveled conditions.

It comes with a quality housing system that ensures durability of the laser. The laser has a multipurpose attachment that can be mounted with magnets or threaded mounts of ¼ -20, and 5/8 -11.

Product dimensions

The Bosch GPL5 is very small and easy to carry around. Its pocket size is 4-1/8 you can easily fit it on your belt too. It has integrated reference lines that help in providing accuracy, and weighs 1 pound. It has a dust and water protection. The actual dimensions are 4.1” x 3.1” x 1.6”.

Bosch-GPL5-2a Bosch-GPL5-4a

The battery compartment can easily be reached, and provides more convenience to change after working full time for 24hrs. It is possible to use it for an average of 3 years without having any serious problems. If purchased it comes with a belt pouch, mounting strap, AA 1.5 batteries, and a recalibration wrench.

Overall thoughts on the Bosch GPL5

The Bosch GPL5 features can be used by professionals to attain quality work for their clients. If you are looking for a tool that can make your work easy, and enable you work within a short timeyou should seriously consider this kind of laser as it provides one of the highest rates of quality electronic motorized leveling.

It is dependable and can be used for many years if you take good care of it. In addition, it is a one kind of laser that, despite having high quality features, it can be purchased at a very affordable price. The Bosch GPL5 laser is a great option if you are looking for a laser that offers a number of different measuring methods and is easy and quick to use also.

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