Bosch GRL400HCK Laser Level With Tripod

Hey guys, I’m back this week with a review of one product that has literally changed my life. Yeah, I know that sounds a bit clichéd, but read on and I’ll explain the hows, the whys, and the whats. I’m pretty sure you’ve figured out from the title that I’m talking about the Bosch GRL400HCK. This is a multipurpose laser level that comes with a tripod and receiver. Before I go further, I ought to give new readers an introduction about myself. Regular folks, do hang in there for this is a gem of a product and you do not want to miss this review.

My name’s Andrew and I’ve been an independent handyman over here in Atlanta, GA for the last 32 years. Over the years, I’ve probably visited every neighborhood in Atlanta for some kind of repair or installation work. I’m pretty sure I must’ve installed several thousand kitchen cabinets, done landscaping work on countless homes and of course, installed fences around innumerable yards.

Fence Installation? No Sir, Please No!

Ah, fences! I don’t want to talk about those tricky little things. They’re easily the hardest things to install! I used to dread fence-installation work simply because it was almost impossible to get it aligned right.

That’s why, based on a friend’s recommendation, I joined a weeklong fence installation course at Sebring, FL. I have to say it was a real eye-opener for me. They showed me strategies that I could never have come up with on my own. However, what caught my attention the most was the super-cool laser levels that they taught us to use. Now, for someone who’d been using threads and plumb bobs all his life, I felt like I’d entered the sets of Star Wars! I decided to get one for myself as soon as I returned home to Georgia.

Old Andy’s New Toy

Back home in Atlanta, I ordered the Bosch GRL400HCK from Amazon. Now if you’re wondering how I chose that particular model I have to admit that I simply picked it out because it had the most positive reviews. However, since getting the product, I’ve put this toy to great use and don’t regret buying it one bit. It has become a real life-saver for me and oh, fence installations have never been easier!

Laser Level, Tripod, and Receiver – All in One!

What attracted me the most about this particular laser level was that it came as a complete set. A laser level with a tripod AND a receiver. No hassles in trying to pick each one separately and getting them to work together. This is especially true for the tripod because there are a couple of ways in which you can go wrong in picking them out. Not all tripods pair with all laser levels, so going for the combo was definitely a wise decision. One thing I did have to pick up separately was a pair of Laser Enhancement glasses. These enhance the visibility of the laser beam during the day and are a must-have when working outdoors.

Bosch grl400hck best laser level with tripodThe Grade Stick – Receiver Combo

When it comes to the grade stick and the receiver, the wonderful folks at Bosch have gone to great lengths to ensure that we users have everything we need to level things up – especially outdoors. I really liked the fact that the receiver beeps when it gets aligned with the laser beam emitted by the level. It saves you so much time when you’re working by yourself. You don’t have to keep going back and forth to check the readings on the tiny display. It is little things like these that differentiate a great product from a good product.

While we are on the topic of little things, there’s also a tiny bubble level at the back of the receiver! I have to say it’s simply brilliant that they thought about that. It is so useful in ensuring that your grade stick isn’t tilted, that I fail to remember the number of times I’ve mentally thanked the Bosch designers for this little addition.

More Modes Than You Could Possibly Want

The Bosch GRL400HCK comes with 3 modes of operation. There’s the default rotary mode which generates a sort of horizontal plane. I found this mode the best fit for fence installations. I simply mount the laser level on the tripod and set it up centrally in the yard. The laser has a range of over a thousand feet. This allows me to level, align and install the fence precisely. Then, there’s the line mode where the laser goes back and forth generating a small line. I’ve only found this useful indoors though; for things like hanging photos on the wall. Last is the point mode. As the name suggests, this simply generates a small dot. This mode is great for outdoor landscaping work.

One Sturdy Case To Carry Them All

Handymen like me usually have dozens of different tools all scattered in our car’s trunk. I’d definitely prefer my tools to come with dedicated carry cases so that I can simply dump them in the trunk. Well, the GRL400HCK doesn’t disappoint in this regard. It does come in a nice case that seems durable enough. Soft foam padding lines the inside of the case and there’s a slot for everything. Nice! If something goes missing, I’d know immediately.

The tripod comes separately. It has a shoulder strap which is kind of okay I guess. Not that comfortable but yeah, I won’t really complain too much about it. It is definitely sturdy and durable enough to last a good couple of decades.

Verdict Is This The Best Laser Level With Tripod ?

I’m not someone who recommends tools without actually using them first. I’ve used the Bosch GRL400HCK for a good few months now and can honestly tell you that I’d feel like I’ve lost a limb without it now. It’s simply great to have a dedicated multipurpose tool that can cater to all your leveling and alignment needs. And I’d certainly be doing injustice to it by saying it can simply help you align things. This laser level can help you align things with remarkable accuracy! Clients love handymen who do a clean job and this laser level that comes with a tripod has certainly helped me do several clean jobs over these past few months.

If you arrived here with a dilemma about buying a laser level, I’d advise you not to think too much about it. You simply can’t go wrong with one of these wonderful devices. They bring so much value to the table that the benefits far outweigh the cost. I do know that they cost quite a bit, but as they say, ‘You get what you pay for’. With the GRL400HCK, I can certainly say that I’ve got more than my money’s worth!



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