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Dewalt DW087k Laser Leveler Review

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When Dewalt make any power tools you know that they are going to be well built and easy to use. This is certainly the case with the Dewalt DW087k self leveling line laser.Dewalt DW087k The one button operation will allow you to get your measurements and levels very quickly, making for a very efficient tool.

The Dewalt DW087k gives you the ability to measure both horizontal and vertical applications, and this versatility can be a real time saver when you are out on site and using this tool. The need for these measurements to be accurate are essential for a lot of construction and remodeling jobs, so having a reliable tool like the DW087k is a great help.

This model also has the ability to self level. It can quickly find its bearings and self level to within 5 degrees. It is also extremely accurate, and you can expect a variance of just 1/8 inch over a 30 feet distance. Read more on our Dewalt dw087k review;

Video overview of the DW087K


Let’s take a closer look at the Dewalt DW087k

Ease of use

There is no messing around with any complicated settings or menus with the Dewalt DW087k, it is straight into action just with the press of one button. Then the device will level itself, so you do not need to worry about this aspect either.

If you need to put the laser leveler on a metal surface then you can use the magnetic pivot bracket that is part of the design of the Dewalt DW087k. This will allow you to ensure that the device is held firmly so your readings are accurate each time.

The fact that the magnetic bracket pivots too will allow you to quickly swing it around so you can get measurements in any direction. This will save you from having to disconnect it and then turn it around manually and reconnecting again.

Dewalt DW087k reviewDewalt-DW087k-3a Dewalt-DW087k-4a

Durability aspects

Any tool such as this that will be used out on a site stands the risk of getting knocked about at times. Therefore it is no good having a design that is flimsy and will not hold up to the occasional whack. Dewalt are known for making robust and sturdy tools, and the Dewalt DW087k laser leveler is certainly able to hold its own.

The tough housing used for the laser will give the more delicate components, namely the laser itself, enough protection. This will ensure that the laser maintains its calibration and does not need redoing each time it is used. The laser also comes with a very solid and sturdy site box to keep it protected between jobs too.

Power usage

The Dewalt DW087k is run on 3 AA batteries, and these will give you about 20 hours of usage. This is a lot of time, and it will take you a very long time to use up all of the energy stored in the batteries. So it is not expensive to run at all either.

Final thoughts on the Dewalt DW087k laser leveler

The DW087k is a really good quality product from Dewalt. It is so simple to use and will really save you a lot of time on any job that you need to use it on. The fact that it can self level too will also make it that much more efficient.

Since we bought and wrote our dewalt dw087k review, there’s a newer model out the DW088K. As our trusty DW087K is still going strong, we’ve not gone out to buy the later model. The DW088K has an additional feature  ( which is the only real difference of note ) of having full time pulse mode allowing use with a line laser detector (DW0892). What this feature basically offers is the capacity to extend the useful range to approx 150 ft (50 m).
What we do like though is the quality has been maintained in the DEWALT DW088K. Ideal for both home users and contractors who’ll appreciate the cross Line Laser projects bright crossing vertical  & also horizontal lines for various leveling and layout applications.
Overall the Dewalt DW088k is a great quality laser leveler and provides really good value for money too, so come the day your DW087k stops working, at least you’ll know which is the best replacement.

Newer Product is;
DEWALT DW088K Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser

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