The best self leveling laser possibly as there are so many different ways you can use and benefit from the Dewalt DW089K 3 beam line laser. It is a tremendously versatile tool and ideal for professional use when doing things such as putting in suspended ceilings, wall tiling, laying flooring doors and windows, and so many other uses self leveling laser - Dewalt DW089K 3 Beam Line Laser Review

With all of its possible uses, you would probably think that the Dewalt DW089K would be hard to operate. But in fact it couldn’t be easier. The push button ease at which this can be operated will allow for really efficient usage when you are out on site. It will allow you to quickly set up your levels, and you can activate all three beams at once, or individually by using the separate buttons on the side.

The Dewalt DW089K comes with a fastener clip so you can attach it to beams or columns so you can do your leveling from any position you need. It is very easy to attach and will allow you to get your levels at the height you need.

Video overview for the DW089K

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A closer look at the Dewalt DW089K

Dewalt DW089K reviewThree laser beams

Many laser levelers only have the two laser beams, but the Dewalt DW089K comes with a third too. This third beam is an additional plumb line that creates a 90 degree intersecting line on the floor and ceiling, thus eliminating the need for a second laser to be able to do this.

Self leveling

The Dewalt DW089K is self leveling, so once you have connected it into position wherever you need to start measuring from it will then get itself level for you to get accurate lines from. This really is a massive time saver and will allow you to start using the lines created from the DW089K right away with the knowledge that they are all level. DeWalt are well known for their products which is why some contractors think to find the best self leveling laser you need to look no further.

For commercial use

This laser leveler has been designed with commercial projects in mind. So useful features such as the 1- ¾ inch track clearance has been built into the design, so it will be able to rise above drywall tracking without the need for any additional add-ons.

Dewalt DW089K laser leveler

Very simple, yet very useful features like this really makes this laser leveler that much more efficient when you are out on site and need to get the lines out quickly so you can start working to them. The pivot bracket and wall mount are also essential components for making this tool just that much more efficient.


The Dewalt DW089K uses a laser that is twice as bright as normal lasers used on levelers. This will give you a really good sight along your lines, which is ideal on sites that are far from clean. The laser is accurate to 1/8 inch of a 30 feet distance. There is also a micro adjust knob on the laser, so you can really dial in your lines to precisely the right place.


Final thoughts on the Dewalt DW089K

With the addition of a third laser beam to the DW089K, it really gives it that extra dimension and improves efficiency no end. It is really easy to use right out of the box, and useful additions such as the brackets and wall mounts will just serve to make the job that much easier for you. The Dewalt DW089K is a very good quality laser leveler, and ideal for many different types of work.

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