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One of the most annoying things about having to measure something is having to use one of the standard metal tape measures. if you understand the workings of a laser, then you don’t need to ask about the laser distance meter how it works. If you’re already upto speed then you’ll see why we think these are so much better than a traditional tape.
With the old fashioned tape measure, you have to have two people to measure anything longer than your arms length or you can try to hook it onto something but the end usually ends up snapping back before you can get a good measure. Then there is the problem of it not retracting when it is supposed to and causing a lot of time while you manually feed it back into itself. There is also the problem of inaccuracies caused by the sag of the tape measure. All these things add up to make measuring anything quite a big chore. The better way to measure things though, is to use a laser tape measure which is easier and much more accurate than the standard tape measure.



Laser Distance Meter How It Works

The way that a laser tape measure works is on a point to point system, which means that you just have to point the laser at what you what to measure and the laser beam will hit the object and bounce back to the device, telling you exactly how far it had to travel. It really is that simple. You can tell where you are pointing it because the laser shows up as a red dot and the reading will come back instantly. You can convert the reading into any unit of measure that you like, so that you know how many feet or how many centimetres the distance is. There are even a few laser tape measures that are made to hook into your laptop, sending all of the measurements to your computer so that you can properly keep track of them all.

Laser distance meter how it works

One of the benefits of the laser tape measure is that just one person can use it quite easily even over long distances. This means that you don’t have to find someone to be an extra set of hands and hold the other end. Another benefit of the laser tape measure is that it is always perfectly strait and accurate. Whenever you use a traditional measuring tape, unless the tape is laying right along the surface of something, there will be at least some sag to it. This sag causes some inaccuracies in the final measurement which may be small if its a short distance being measured, however, if the length being measured is longer, the inaccuracy can add up to make your measurement quite a bit off.


Now, everything that has benefits, also has some negative things to go along with it, so what are the negative points to do with the laser tape measure. First of all, it does run on batteries, which means that you will want to have spare batteries on hand when you are using it, just in case they die and leave you hanging. The other negative point is that these devices have is they alignment of the laser can sometime be off which can cause the measurements to be inaccurate. This can easily be fixed though and all laser measuring tapes come with a manual which covers this problem.

Overall, the benefits of having a laser measuring tape in your toolbox, far outweighs the negative points. Having one will ensure that you will save time, energy and frustration, particularly with big projects as well as being able to do it all on your own. It also means that your measurements will be accurate and you will be able to convert and store the numbers to help you with any project need you might have, big or small. Read on for our impartial reviews on a wide range of different brands.


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