AMSTON GM-100 Cross Line Dot Laser Level

AMSTON Professional Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser Level Plus Laser Plumb Bob Review

Laser plumb bob which is included in this kit is partly the reason I chose this one to review.

The AMSTON GM-100 is a 2-in-1 construction tool that efficiently combines both vertical and horizontal cross line laser level. It claims to provide an accurate alignment from the floor to the ceiling and has received great reviews online, especially from DIY homeowners. We have tried and tested this cross line laser level to see what the rave is all about and identify its actual performance.

laser plumb bob

The Basics

Upon receiving and unboxing your AMSTON Professional Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser Level Plus Laser Plumb Tool Kit, you will get a portable tool that is well-constructed and durable. Its portable size makes it easy to carry around and use wherever you need it while its rotating magnetic bracket ensures that this laser level tool is kept in place whichever position you place this tool. It also has a quick release button feature that lets you remove the clamp whenever you need to move or adjust it. In this kit, you will also get a carrying pouch where you can place the tool and accessories for easy storage and portability. This tool comes with an instruction manual, quick start guide and a 1-year warranty that can be upgraded into 2 years after product registration.


Operation and Ease of Use

The instruction manual and quick start guide that comes included  is easy to understand. Meaning you’re able to get started on your work right away. Both professional and amateur builders can find it fairly easy to use as compared to using a manual level.  This tool can be mounted easily into a standard tripod that has a ¼” screw while the magnetic heavy duty bracket lets you keep this laser level in place when attached to a pipe or vertical stud.AMSTON GM-100 Bracket

Hands Free

It has a quick release button feature so you can remove the clam without any difficulties. furthermore, the 180 degrees swivel mount enables you to check horizontal levels and see if the objects are aligned with each other even from across the room. What makes this laser level a great device for both builders and DIY home project enthusiasts is that it has the ability to self-level in an unlocked position. The GM-100 Tool’s best feature is that it provides accuracy that amazes even professional builders since it has a range of up to 50 feet. The Class II laser has a 630-670nm wavelength brightness to provide efficiency and precise measurements. Lastly,  the portable size of this tool makes it easy to use and transport to wherever you need to work, while its durable and weather resistant build promises longer-lasting use.

AMSTON GM-100 Further Details

Results After Using

In summary, the AMSTON Professional Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser Level Plus Laser Plumb Tool passed the test when it comes to accuracy and ease of use, as proven by both professional and amateur builders. Setting up and putting this laser leveler in places is very easy to use even for novices such that hanging frames on the walls or placing shelves has proven to be easy and fairly accurate.  The self-leveling feature of this device in both horizontal and vertical levels provides accuracy of about 1/8 inches. It comes with a simple two-button operation so you can easily shift between fixed, vertical, horizontal or cross line levels. The plumb dot tool enhances these better since you can project the laser lines independently or together.

Add-on Products for Better Use

This AMSTON GM 100 already has a quick-release and heavy-duty magnetic clam that lets you put it in place securely before each use. However, a great add-on for using this tool is by using a standard tripod that has a ¼” screw. This will let you use the 180-degree swivel feature better for measuring and leveling objects across any room.

Battery Life

Using the GM-100  is fairly easy since it only requires four standard AA batteries (which are not included in the kit).  In case the batteries run out, you can easily change them through the easy-access compartment.


Cleaning and Care

The AMSTON Professional Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser Level Plus Laser Plumb Tool is a compact and durable tool which already includes a carrying pouch for better portability and storage. Since this leveling tool is made with a weather and dust-proof material, users will no longer have to worry about using it in various conditions. So, even if you have to saw wood while using this laser level, you won’t need to worry that tiny dust particles might make this device dysfunctional. After each use, simply wipe the device clean with a soft cloth and store it in its carrying pouch.

Special Features

With regards to the AMSTON Professional Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser Level Plus Laser Plumb Tool’s special features, users love how it was able to fully help them with the leveling job that they needed without having to constantly move and adjust it. Using this tool with a sturdy tripod makes leveling across the room easier and more efficient.


AMSTON Professional Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser Level Plus Laser Plumb Tool Final Thoughts

All in all, this laser level and the plumb tool is an affordable buy when compared to the features that you will get with it. Setting up and using this tool requires only a few minutes, letting you get started right away. It’s great for both professional and amateur builders,  with home or commercial projects to improve productivity. As indicated in this product’s user reviews, they loved how they were able to fully use this tool better when being used along with a standard tripod because they can level frames, shelves, windows, etc. from across the room with ease. The four levels of this device are able to fulfill all your leveling needs, be it horizontal, vertical, cross line, or at an angle. Lastly, the easy carry pouch makes portability and storage quick and easy.


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