Cost To Refinish Cabinets In The Kitchen

Weigh Up The Cost To Refinish Cabinets Or Replace Them?

The kitchen is a great place to remodel, so we look at the cost to refinish cabinets. It is the center of most homes the place where everyone socializes. One of the things to change in the kitchen is the cabinets. There are many options to change the look of the kitchen cabinets. Once the kitchen flooring is sorted then the units come next. Work out the square feet measurements for the flooring!

The options include laminating the surfaces of the cabinets refacing the cabinets and replacing the cabinets. Depending on the budget and the preferences of the available options create many ways to create the perfect look.

cost to refinish cabinets

Remodeling the kitchen changes the appearance. When making the decision to remodel the kitchen create a budget and a plan for the project. The budget helps to know the route to take for the remodeling since there are different ways to redo the cabinets.

Cabinet Refacing  Let’s Reface The Cabinets

One method is to reface the current cabinet. Depending on the budget the cheapest method is to reface the surfaces of the cabinets. Refacing the cabinets cost less than 50% of the cost to install new cabinets. This is a simple method of taking off the doors drawer fronts and the hardware.

There are different styles to reface the cabinets. One of the styles is to completely change the materials of the surfaces by selecting a different texture to a different wood or adding glass to some of the doors. This effect creates an entirely changed appearance. Change the color or stain the new fronts of the cabinets. Adding new hardware has a drastic change in the look of the cabinets.

Laminate the surfaces of the cabinets. A professional contractor does this option will cost less than completely replacing the cabinets. This consists of selecting the laminate style texture and color for the new cabinets.

Laminated cabinet faces are low in maintenance and easy to clean. It can be a learning experience to see all the available options. Be prepared to see a large variety of choices.

Laminating the surfaces of the cabinets is cost efficient and practical when wanting to create a new visual aspect for the kitchen on a smaller budget.

Cabinet Refinishing

If you don’t wish to work on the kitchen cabinets yourself, then you could consider seeking out a cabinet refinishing professional instead. There’s no such thing as an average cost for refinishing cabinets, as people have bigger or smaller kitchens.

Keep in mind the cost of refinishing depends on the size and type of kitchen you have. Also what type of paint or stain you wish to use.

Refinishing your cabinets can be as simple as just touching up a few places with a can of paint or stain to make the kitchen cabinets look fresh. If you want a total new color scheme then this will cost more. One option is to measure the square foot dimensions, then check to see the coverage of the new paint or stain that you want to use. Add in any additional items such as sandpaper, brushes etc and this will give you a rough cabinet refinishing cost idea for your budget sheet.

Why The Kitchen Cabinets Are Essential

Kitchen cabinets and why we need them. For one they add to the look and feel of the room.

The kitchen cabinet is definitely an essential part of every kitchen as it provides a storage place for food and other kitchen items.

Hence, it is no wonder why this part of the kitchen wears out easily. And the part that is most depreciated is the doors.

It is indeed a fact that doors get the most wear as they are opened and closed countless times every day. Luckily, there are different ways to remedy this problem.

Replacing kitchen cabinet doors may require some remodeling procedure like cabinet refacing in which the worn out doors and drawers are removed and replaced with new ones that have different colors or style. Even just replacing the drawer fronts will be a big difference and give you that new look.

doors drawers

The housekeeping market now offers a slew of styles or designs that could complement your style and your very kitchen, such as: laminated woodgrain doors that could complement those rough oak pieces; Euro style look that would give those old cabinets a modern and warm touch; and country kitchen style that will give a bright, homey feel.

Contractor Or Do It Yourself?

Hiring pros in home improvement could do the replacement process for you and may really give you results that are of five-star quality. But if these services don’t sound financially appealing to you, the idea of replacing kitchen cabinet doors could be put on the backburner. This is where the cost to refinish cabinets starts mounting up. Get estimates for labor.

Other refacing processes like refinishing or repainting those tired cabinet doors could be a cinch that you can accomplish anyway through your own hands.

Along with the materials and hardware that you will need, you just need to have the motivation and craftsmanship for the refinishing or repainting task to take shape. Coupled with careful planning and preparation since just like any other tasks; they are essential keys to success.

Existing Cabinets

I’ve often seen people asking about their existing cabinets and do they need to be ripped out and thrown away. Doing this would just bump up the total cost, so the answer is NO! If you have wood cabinets, then ask yourself these couple of questions.

1) Solid Wood – Is this your kitchen?

2) Cost Effective? – Will replacing everything double your project costs?

Now, if you have experience in home improvement, replacing kitchen cabinet doors doesn’t sound so bad. Find new ones. You could just buy the kitchen door of your choice in the market and install them yourself.

If you want to personalize your cabinet doors, there are also companies out there that give you a chance to show off your artsy flair. You just need to buy their clean as slate cabinet doors then you can paint or doodle all you want. Doing this also means there is no old paint to remove.

With just your creativity and efforts, you could really give your kitchen a face-lift and preserve its beauty. We hope you enjoy our home improvement hints and tips.

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