Hammerhead HLCLG01 Green Beam Review

Best Green Laser Level?


If you are looking for the best green laser level available in the market, then reading this can be really worth it for you. Recently we tested the HAMMERHEAD HLCLG01 Green Beam and now we’re sharing our honest opinion about it. This product received really good ratings and amazing reviews. So we took it in front of you to tell you guys, that this is the best green laser level available in the industry. If you got a bit excited to know more, then keep reading.


The Basics of the HAMMERHEAD HLCLG01


This Hammerhead HLCLG01 Green Beam ships with all of the required accessories including 2 AA Batteries and 1 soft bag or pouch. This product also comes with a clamp which gives another benefit to mounting the laser beam to stand still on its place. The built material of this product is also quite fine for one’s normal use. This is one of the cheapest product as compared to other and is really very easy to take in use for household works. The attached clamp gives a really comfortable grip and it can be used for photography purposes and for small video shots also.


Operation and Ease of Use


The manufacturer really took care in easy of use of this product. If you trust on customer reviews, this product is really very easy to use than other available. The main problem with every green laser level is their level adjustment, but this Hammerhead Laser Beam eliminates that problem and gives you an easy level adjustment. It comes with very simple controls that include sliding ON/OFF switch which allows you some self-control.

best green laser level kit reviewed


This Laser Level features a Laser mode which gives you the option to choose in between from vertical, horizontal or even crossbeam mode. The LED light turns from red to green which indicates the orientation level. You just need to mount it over the included clamp or on your tripod, it automatically self-levels within a few seconds. The product can shoot vertical and as well as horizontal laser beams to make it more convenient for use.


Result After Usage


Already mentioned, but we’d love to tell you again, this laser beam is one of the best laser levels under its price segment. It fulfills almost all of the user needs. The results of using this laser level are really awesome. One can use this product for household needs like for leveling hanging pictures or any other material. Some passionate photographers also use it to level their cameras perfectly which gives amazing results. The product is very easy to carry and can be called portable laser beam. This device shoots a green colored laser which comforts many of the users who’re bored by using the normal red laser. You can never regret purchasing this product because it amazes all users with its unique and amazing technology.


Cleaning and Care

As we need to take bath to stay fresh and active, the same way every tech device needs cleaning and care at regular intervals, this increases the product life. The HLCLG01 Green Beam weighs around 0.81 pounds and one can easily clean its body. Also, it already ships with a small bag to carry it so you can put it inside that when not in use. This is another good reason to choose this product over others because taking care of it seems easier than others.

HAMMERHEAD HLCLG01 Green Beam COMPACT Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser

Special Features


We already mentioned but let us recall that this amazing laser level has a bit more advantages than the others. The company took care of the user’s problem of level adjustment and this product is good to use for household needs. Some pro and passionate filmmakers use this as a device to orient their gears correctly to create the best content ever possible. The simultaneously working vertical and horizontal laser beams make it more comfortable to take it in use for some simple adjustment works. The Green laser beam of this product makes it look a bit different than the others. These were the special highlighting features of this laser level which we can count on.


Hammerhead HLCLG01 Laser Level Final Thoughts


In the end, what we can say is this device is a value for money product. If you really want a cheap budget green laser level then this can be the perfect choice for you. To consume more trust on this product, make sure you once go through the customer reviews of this product. We also tested this device and we haven’t yet faced any kind of problem using it. It is totally worth it to spend your money on this product. You will never regret purchasing this item. We shared our thoughts about it above so make sure you share your thoughts about it with us below. So is this the best green laser level? Read our review and you decide.

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