Laser Level Calibration & Service Checklist

Laser Level Calibration, Servicing & Repairs.

You need to ensure your readings are accurate, that your tools are functioning correctly. Calibration is essential, so it’s best to get your equipment serviced, calibrated on a regular basis. This will also give you the chance to carry out any repairs that are needed. If you have the equipment you can do these inhouse. Otherwise, you’ll need to get in an engineer to take the leveler to their workshop.


Here we’ve put together suggestions for minimum requirements when you have an engineer out to carry out laser level calibration and servicing on your self leveling and compensated construction levels.


For Self-Leveling Construction Lasers

• Instrument & all accessories are checked into the product database the day they arrive.

• Check & test all electronic functions;

Check control panel for proper function & test voltage from source to termination. Then check for liquid damage to PCB & other power sources.

•Test diode power output;

The unit is checked for proper output using our laser diode power meter.

• Axis test for X to Y axis offset error;

Ensure to test both X axis & Y axis using specified calibration range to determine that each axis coincides with one another.

• Test for cone & or wedge error;

Using the calibration range then take a short & long shot reading to determine that both measurements fall within specification.

• Vial block assembly repeatability testing

Ensure that the calibration holds its specifications when the instrument is taken to all leveling extremes.

• Test X & Y axis drive motors for binding

By operating the instrument on an automated tilt table we can determine if the units self-leveling motors are binding.

• Penta prism & optical train are thoroughly cleaned

By cleaning the laser diode collimator & penta prism we are assured of maximum power output.

• Unit is fully calibrated

The unit is placed on our automated calibration range & put through a full calibration sequence.

• Unit, accessories & case are cleaned

All accessories, laser & case are fully cleaned & checked.

laser level calibration Leica

For Compensated Construction Lasers

• A complete test all electronic functions

• The diode power output is checked

• Test for X to Y axis offset error

• Next is to test for cone and or wedge error

• Test leveling vial to compensator collimation

Also to carry out a test of the compensator & leveling vial & calibrate. This is to ensure that the two coincide with one another

• Test compensator for repeatability

• The compensator will also need to be tested for sticking

We set the instrument on calibration range & take unit to all leveling extremes to test for extreme error.

• Penta prism & optical train are thoroughly cleaned.

• Unit, accessories & case are cleaned.

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