PLS3 Laser Level Tool Review


The PLS Laser PLS 60523 laser level tool is one of the most accurate laser level tools available in the construction industry. Currently PLS standards suggest that the device is capable of measuring to an accuracy of one quarter of an inch at plus or -100 feet. This offers you extremely quick results in a construction tool which are offered with extreme precision.

With this product you won’t have to rely on chalk lines, consistent measurements or inefficient processes on your construction site. The PLS3 is an excellent tool if you work at installing fixtures, installing doors, completing HVAC and electrical work. With a top level range you can quickly setup plumb lines in large construction projects. Visibility is not an issue either, with a visible indoor working range of 300 feet and up to 60 feet in outdoor work areas. Accurate measurements will be given for ranges at 100 feet with 1/4 inch margin. The laser shows up extremely well along metal tracks, wood beams, and a variety of other material surfaces. It is a versatile and precise tool that makes any construction task much more efficient. It’s also a great tool for quality control checks and for quick referencing measurements on the job for layout and blueprint analysis.PLS Laser PLS-60523 PLS3


Perhaps one of the strongest features of the PLS laser is that it also provides accurate results compensating for workplace vibrations using a built in stabilizer. If you use heavy equipment on the job such as compressors, generators, or impact hammers. The stabilized laser prevents inaccurate results due to heavy vibrations on the ground or other work surfaces. Servicing the product regularly will also ensure that the results remain accurate and PLS offers a 48-hour factory return on any of their maintenance or service packages.


Pls3 Laser Features and Design


With up to three visible beams available, each displays very well across any number of surfaces. Although this laser level or doesn’t come with an angled laser it is possible to get a frame of reference for straight lines making this one of the best tools available for plumb and level measurement on a jobsite.

Pls3 laser


To ensure ultimate accuracy in each of the beams the device also comes with alarm alert when there is no pendulum target. If a self-leveling ranges ever exceeded the device will give you this alarm as well as briefly shut off so that you can ensure the most accurate measurements possible and save mistakes on your jobsite.



Pros and Cons

Each and every Pls3 laser comes backed with a three-year warranty as well. PLS works very hard to maintain stringent manufacturing requirements on every product that they create. With a three-year warranty, the PLS three comes virtually maintenance free and will definitely save you extra working hours and money.

Self leveling range of 6 Degree

Operating time of + 30 hours continuous





Overall the device is extremely portable and easy to run for even inexperienced operators. Two AA batteries ensure the PLS three can run for more than 30 hours uninterrupted. The entire tool weighs just 12 ounces and comes with a strong carrying pouch that you can keep in your toolbox or on your work belt. There is also attachments for a floor stand and wall bracket available to be purchased separately. These accessories ensure that you can set the device up quickly and have it hang for hours at a time so that you can complete work without ever having to make marks, chalk lines were consistently use a level across the entire wall.



Many  contractors have reported that they can complete their work up to 25% faster simply by switching over to a professional quality laser level like the PLS3.

Of course there are other products available on the market which are similar to the PLS3 laser including the DeWalt DW088K the horizontal and vertical self-leveling line laser. This product differs just a small amount from the PLS3 but depending on your budget, and the features you need, you may prefer this model over the PLS3.


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