Small House Renovation Ideas & Tips

Some Small House Renovation Ideas

Doing some remodeling can change your opinion about your home for the better. You can use simple ideas and apply them to your remodeling and decorating. The article that is below will give you a lot of advice on how you can improve a house without blowing too much of your hard earned cash.

Solar Panels

You should think about solar panels as far as projects for your home. The upfront costs may be large, however, you should see that it’s a smart investment with the costs of electricity rising. You will be drawing from the electricity that is stored by your solar system and lower every electric bill. Improvements in solar tech have made this a viable alternative energy source. Alternating current solar panels are a popular choice. Read more here on these panels

Wooden Surfaces

Keep your floors protected while painting. This helps keep wet paint off of your flooring. Layering your floor with old newspapers is an inexpensive method to protect it. Try using a drop sheet or plastic to protect the floor of paint splashes.

Rotting decks, chipping paint and ceilings that have water damage are things that you can easily see when looking through the home you are considering buying. Always hire a licensed home inspector before you purchase to look for problems that are not easily visible, such as electrical, structural and ventilation defects. Investing a little money before buying a home could end up saving you a lot more in repairs down the road.


One of the most expensive things a homeowner can do is to replace the roof. Get a few estimates prior to getting a new roof and check all references for the companies you look at. You have lots of choices when it comes to roofing. You can choose from a traditional roof covering such as shingles or wood shake, or you could choose a metal roof or a lightweight tile roof. Skilled roofing professionals can guide your decision.

Make sure you turn the power off in the area you’re in and before you start work on anything hooked up to your electric supply. Forgetting to turn the power off may end in electrocution or even death.

If you aren’t installing a window in your bathroom, make sure it is at least properly ventilated. Mold can grow quickly in the moisture left behind by daily showering. Simply repainting over the walls doesn’t destroy the mold. You will need to be proactive to prevent mold from growing. Vents and windows can effectively dehumidify the space.

A front porch is a worthwhile place to invest your home improvement efforts. When you have a guest over, the first thing they will see will be your porch. Keep your porch clean and add tasteful enhancements. Flowers, nice furniture and great lighting can be used to dress up an otherwise boring and bland porch. Having a nice porch will improve your home’s value.

When considering a bathroom upgrade, think about making the room handicap-accessible. It’s not necessary to make the full conversion, but if you prepare for it, it can save time if a handicap accessible bathroom should be needed. These improvements will increase your home’s value. This is one of our more popular small house renovation ideas e have been told.


Completely changing the flooringin a room can be very expensive, no matter whether the new flooring is tile, wood or carpet-based. It’s easy to stain existing flooring instead of getting fancy hardwood. This is a very cheap and versatile way to remodel the floor and also it gives a modern look.

If your low ceilings have you and your family feeling claustrophobic, consider updating your window treatments to create an illusion of more space and add a pop of color that can be changed with the seasons. The trick to making the ceiling appear higher is to locate the drapes, valance, and curtain rod closer to the ceiling.

When housing prices are down, homeowners should think about making improvements and upgrading their homes. You will save money during a real estate slump because the contractors are hurting for work. Home improvements generally last for a long time. Renovations made while the economy is bad will have more value once the housing market gets better.

Among the first aspects when taking on a new home repair project is to clear the area of debris and keep it clear. You need to find an appropriate way to get rid of the garbage that a project inevitably creates. Make sure that you have sort of space designated for this, or even a rented dumpster.

save money with our small house renovation ideas
save money with our small house renovation ideas

Save Money

Buying extra insulation for your house is going to save you money over the long run. Homes tend to be under insulated, especially old ones. Adding extra to your attic or crawl space can lower your utility bills and save you money for years and years to come.

Do your homework before starting to demolish. It can seem easy and fun rushing into demolition by cutting holes and taking down walls. The first thing you must do is check for any electrical wires and components that may still be attached. Removing the structure altogether could be too costly; therefore, double-checking is always a good idea.

Reduce the size of your dryer hose if you want to save a lot of money. Disconnect and vacuum your existing dryer hose. Cut the hose so it’s a couple of feet long. You want it to be long enough that you can move the dryer for cleaning, but short enough that it runs more efficiently.

Small House Renovation Ideas Final Thoughts

The article written above can really help the new homeowner when it comes time to improve the house or paint a new wall; read it carefully and follow when beneficial. There are lots of ways you can change the look of your home. Stick to the ideas and tips presented here to help you get the most out of your next home improvement project.
One final suggestion, don’t go over the top. What might look great to you, a potential buyer may consider it an eyesore.

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